1. 16 SEP2022

    Exhibit a booth at TCT 2022 in Boston, MA

    We will be exhibiting at TCT 2022 to be held in Boston, MA from September 16 to 19, 2022.

  2. 1 SEP2022

    Exhibited a booth at ESC 2022 2022 in Barcelona

    We exhibited at ESC 2022 (European Society of Cardiology), which will be held in Barcelona, ES, from August 26 to 29, 2022.

  3. 29 JUL2021

    New Product Launch: Leadless NV Model

    The Neurovascular Model is the latest addition to the Heartroid platform and the first in the category of cardiac rhythm pace-making technology.

  4. 19 JAN2021

    HEARTROID Wins The Good Design Award 2020

    The cardiac catheter simulator "HEARTROID®" received the Good Design Awards 2020.It was the only award from Japan in the Medical category in 2020.

  5. 15 OCT2020

    CE Marking Acquired for HEARTROID

    JMC Corporation has certified CE marking for the HEARTROID series of cardiac catheter simulators, which have been researched and developed in collaboration with the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine and Fuyo Corporation.

  6. 19 AUG2020

    HEARTROID PROJECT and the TTDD lab at MIT today announced a creative partnership

    HEARTROID® platform, a catheter-based simulator, will participate in TTDD lab's effort of validating device performance with its pulsatile and anatomically precise 3D printed models, helping accelerate surgical device development from concept to testing.

  7. 31 JULY2020

    New Product Launch: Leadless PM Model

    Leadless PM model facilitates simulated training of a leadless pacemaker device implantation procedure, with or without X-ray visualization.

  8. 14 MAY2020

    All JMC factories are fully operational,including the production and global distribution of HEARTROID

    Our sales offices and staff are actively engaged with our customers, and we continue to provide support and respond to inquiries in a timely fashion via phone, email and video chat.

  9. 1 DEC2019

    New Product Launch: BIF Model

    BIF model can facilitates the full procedures around LM (left main) bifurcation and LAD-Dx (diagonal branch) bifucarion strategies.

  10. 18 NOV2019

    HEARTROID team attending COMPAMED 2019.

    "HEARTROID",Our cardiac catheter simulator, which is under development in the HEARTROID project, attending at COMPAMED 2019 held at Düsseldorf, dated November 18-21, 2019.

  11. 27 SEP2019

    HEARTROID team attending TCT 2019.

    "HEARTROID",Our cardiac catheter simulator, which is under development in the HEARTROID project…

  12. 16 AUG2019

    [Press Release]
    HEARTROID website renewed

    We are pleased to announce our HEARTROID website has been renewed.

  13. 12 JUNE2019

    [Press Release]
    Strengthening the sales of HEARTROID in Europe, a leading edge region of cardiovascular catheter treatment, JMC implementing sales partnerships across Europe-

    JMC Corporation, which manufactures and sells the heart catheter simulation system "HEARTROID (HEARTROID),"…

  14. 13 MAY2019

    HEARTROID team attending EuroPCR 2019.

    Again, this year JMC looks forward to exhibiting at the EuroPCR,…

  15. 25 MAY2018

    EuroPCR 2018: A strong showing for the HEARTROID in Paris

    This year again Paris showed it’s love for the HEARTROID!…

  16. 30 MAR2018

    [Press release]
    JMC and CMP have entered into a contractual agreement including exclusive marketing rights of the HEARTROID systems in Korea.

    Yokohama, Japan JMC, state-of-the-art 3D printing…

  17. 9 MAR2018

    HEARTROID team attending EuroPCR 2018.

    Again, this year JMC looks forward to exhibiting at the EuroPCR,…

  18. 11 SEP2017

    Report from the ESC Congress 2017

    JMC exhibited the HEARTROID cardiovascular simulation system…

  19. 17 AUG2017

    Next Exhibition – ESC congress 2017 –

    We will exhibit “HEARTROID” at booth Fira de Barcelona…

  20. 26 JULY2017

    Exhibition report – CVIT congress 2017 –

    We have exhibited our cardiac catheter simulator “HEARTROID”…

  21. 6 JUNE2017

    Exhibition report – Euro PCR2017 –

    We exhibited in Euro PCR, an international conference held in Paris,…

  22. 9 MAY2017

    We will attend Euro PCR (Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization)2017 in Paris.

    We will attend Euro PCR 2017, dated May 16–19, 2017…

  23. 10 NOV2016

    Exhibition report – TCT2016 –

    Our cardiac catheter simulator, which is under development in the HEARTROID…

  24. 9 SEP2016

    Exhibition report – ESC congress 2016 –

    Our cardiac catheter simulator, developed in the HEARTROID project,…

  25. 26 NOV2015

    Exhibition report – MEDICA 2015 in Düsseldorf, International medical equipment exhibition –

    We exhibited our work at MEDICA 2015 at Düsseldorf, dated November 16–19,2015.

  26. 3 SEP2015

    Exhibition report– ESC 2015 at London –

    We exhibited our work at the ESC Congress 2015 at London, dated August 29–September 2, 2015.