Exhibition report – ESC congress 2016 –

Our cardiac catheter simulator, developed in the HEARTROID project, was exhibited at ESC 2016 at Fiera di Roma in Rome, dated August 27–31, 2016.
This conference is the world’s biggest cardiovascular conference and is very influential.
Over 30,000 medical personnel visited this conference.
Osaka University corner was near the poster-session hall (used for reporting research and results). Many people walked by the corner, and about 2,000 people visited over the 4 days.
At our corner, people attempted catheter insertion into our model, and many inquiries were received after the trials.
Additionally, only few brochures, of the 500 printed ones, were remaining on the second day, which was happy news for us.
Our next exhibition was at TCT 2016, a cardiovascular catheter conference, held in Washington D.C., dated October 29–November 2, 2016.
Next exhibition will be TCT 2016, cardiovascular catheter conference, held in Washington D.C. Oct.29th – Nov. 2nd 2016.

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